Android Open Frame PC

Our Android Open Frame PCs feature slim design and can be easily integrated into any application. We also offer a wide range of CPU solutions for different levels of requirements for processing and graphics performance. See our list of products below.

iTech Company’s products are built with high grade components to endure industrial usage where exposure to heat, cold, dust, and moisture is common. These are also designed for easy installation in machines and control cabinets, making it ideal solutions for manufacturing, ATM machines, vending machines, and kiosk applications.You have the option to choose from different brightness levels to ensure screen visibility regardless of lighting conditions. Its high definition displays offer ultimate HD clarity and resolution. Powered by Android OS, it helps run your applications smoothly. Moreover, there are also touchscreen options which offer different intelligent user experiences.

All in all, our products provide reliable and durable solutionsfor various commercial and industrial applications. Meanwhile, if you have specific features that you want to integrate in an open frame PC, we also provide custom designs. For more info regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.