LCD Stand Alone Signage

iTech Company provides a cost-effective method of digital signage with their range of LCD Stand Alone Signage systems. These include a media player that can be easily integrated into a point of purchase display, mounted to a rack or wall, or hung from the ceiling. The monitor sizes range from 8.4” to 19” and W11.6 to W42 widescreen, with resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1080.

Digital Signage is considered as the upcoming form of advertising because of its power to effectively catch the target audience's attention. It is a great way to deliver your content easily. With a standalone digital signage, you’ll have an LCD display with an integrated media player that run on memory cards. These are commonly seen in retail and banking, corporate offices and lobbies, call centers, and schools and universities, among many others.

iTech Company’s products are loaded with several useful features to provide a reliable digital signage solutions for a wide range of applications. These are very easy to use devices and you just have to load the images on a memory card and then plug the card in the signage. Various ways to update the content include USB, CF Card and SD card. These can also support most of the common video formats and picture formats that are being used these days. For more flexibility, it supports multiple video inputs.

Meanwhile, its high resolutions and wide viewing angle provide a superior display while the brightness levels which ranges from 220nits to 1000nitsgive more options for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is designed for rugged usage withits housing that is made of quality steel material and a tempered glass to protect the LCD panel.

With the advancement of technology these days, several devices are becoming accessible to many businesses and individuals. These are totally worth the investment and can be a great tool to promote your business. At iTech Company, we ensure that our LCD Digital Signage solutions are built with high quality and surpass the industry standards for a reliable extensive usage. Call us now for more info!