LCD Signage Touch Screen

Discover iTech Company’s LCD Signage Touch Screen solutions to effectively deliver your message to audiences in various settings. This interactive technology is ideal for your business’ needs in which you are able to create a personal experience between your brand and your audience. See each of the products below which are loaded with amazing features and specifications.

Touch screen technology is being used for many applications these days especially for businesses. Many of the LCD signage displays also integrates this functionality for an interactive way of communicating to customers. We normally see interactive touch screens in retail spaces and in interactive kiosks. As there’s a growing demand for such technology, iTech Company came up with a range of interactive display technology that meets the needs of various applications.

Our products feature brilliant touch screen with Infrared technology. It has an enhanced sensitivity with fast screen response time. The touch-sensitive display is equipped with a protective LCD glass panel for more durability and to ensure that it will last in a commercial or industrial environment. These are available in widescreen dimensions from W32 to W65. It also supports full HD resolution ranging from 1366x768 to 1920x1080, giving you an excellent viewing experience. You can choose from a range of brightness levels from 400nits to 510nits for more visibility in high ambient light conditions.

There’s also the Flexible Pivot Function which allows you to rotate the device of up to 90 degrees for easily viewing of a vertical image or text without having to scroll the mouse. There are also four types of anti-image retention which you can be set to be activated automatically throughout the day for longer panel life and greater reliability. For more flexibility, you have the RS232C function which is a standard of serial communication being used for the communication between PC and displays.

iTech Company’s interactive touch screen solutions offers unmatched performance, durability and value for your money. These are high grade products that will run in a 24/7 operation. We also provide custom designs based on your specifications. If you have inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.