Signage LCD-Sunlight Readable

In digital signage, media player is considered as one of its main components. Such device allows you to play the content that you want to deliver to your intended audience. However, there are different media players available in the market nowadays and each of these has different capabilities. Several signage solutions also offer an LCD and media player package. Here at iTech Company, we have a range of sunlight readable media player solutions that can be used for a wide variety of applications. See our products below.

Our digital signage media players are built to endure in challengingenvironments and guarantees 24/7 usage. Whether it will be deployed in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, universities, and other establishments where you want to effectively deliver your content, these products have the performance and functionalities that you need. The media players can easily be integrated into a kiosk or other POS systems with its compact design.You can also update the content on the player via Ethernet, WLAN, and USB flash drive.

Meanwhile, it complies with VESA standards for more flexible mounting options. For video formats, mpeg1, mpeg2, and mpeg4 are being supported while jpeg and bmp are supported for graphic formats. The LCD included in this line of digital signage on the other hand, featuresa sunlight readable display. This ensures that the screen is visible in almost any setting even when used under direct sunlight.

To learn more about our digital signage media players, contact us and talk to our representatives. We can also provide you with customize solutions based on your specifications and requirements to ensure that you will have the best digital signage for your business.