LCD Signage All in One PC

iTech Company offers a variety of LCD Signage All in One PC. These are available in various sizes, flat screen stands and mounts, and dynamic digital media player to help get you started in the digital signage world. Browse our range of products below.

Employing digital signage solutions for advertising or delivering information has become a trend these days. But several consumers opt for an all in one solution as it delivers high-impact marketing campaigns whileminimizing deployment issues. An all in one digital signage means thatit is already complete with monitor, stand, and media player.

There are several advantages with this solution such as the ease of installation, ease of maintenance, and ease of use. With this, you won’t have several components from different vendors, avoiding the compatibility issues of the products. It is also easy to upgrade if you decide in the future.

iTech Company’s all-in-one LCD computers are available in various sizes. These are powered by either Intel or AMD processors for superior performance. It also combinesNVidia or ATI graphics and high resolution flat panel into a single unit. There’s also an optional integrated touch screen for interactive applications. You also have the option of up to 2TB hard drive capacity and up to 16GB of RAM. Its rugged aluminum enclosure gives extra protection for demanding applications. Moreover, these are designed with adaptability and future upgrades in mind.

Whether you’ll use for interactive displays, multimedia workstations, or information kiosks, our products deliver powerful performance and brilliant displays. We also provide a customized design to build you a system that you needbased on your specifications. Contact us for more info.