LCD-Stand Alone (Open Frame)

iTech Company provides reliable solutions for various digital signage applications. If you are looking for a dynamic digital signage display and advertising digital signage media player, then, you've come to the right place. Our products are available in various monitor sizes from 8" to 19" and widescreen dimension W7 to W23. The resolutions range from 480x234 to 1280x1024. Browse our products below and see which LCD Stand Alone Player suits your application.

Digital signage nowadays is almost a standard for any type of advertising. This is an effective way to influence the customers directly at point-of-sale. Running dynamic contents like videos and animations are also a great strategy to get the attention of targeted customers.

Meanwhile, to be able to deliver dynamic content, you'll need a digital media player to pair up with your LCD monitor. We offer these types of products with our Open Frame LCD Stand Alone Media Player. The LCD monitor offers superior display with brightness levels from 230nits to 450nits. It has a robust quality, making it a great choice for industrial, commercial and outdoor applications. Our media players are equipped with various useful features such as networked digital signage capabilities and both SD and HD output. For more flexibility, it supports various output options such as the standard definition and HD (1080p) output.

Networked digital media players are also available for the ease of transferring files from one device to another. This includes wifi capable HD players, which allows you to control content in remote locations. There's also a built-in 6-typememory card slots which support compact flash card, IBM micro drive, and SM/ MMC/ SD/ MS card. For energy efficiency, there's an optional power saving feature with motion detect and auto timing setting boot.

Our LCD digital signage media players are a great tool for your advertising and ensures that your display will capture the consumer's attention. Contact us now for more info of our products.