Signage Appliance Solutions

iTech Company’s Signage Appliance Solutions enables you to deliver dynamic content while communicating with the server for continuous updates. We offer a complete digital signage system which includes an innovative digital signage hardware and content management software for delivering effective dynamic visual messages. See our range of these products below as well as their specifications.

In this age of advance technology, digital signage solutions are commonly used by several businesses for their advertising needs. It is one of the best options to promote a particular brand as it opens up better promotion opportunities. With this, you can have a more informative content and with the help of different programs, you are able to manage and modify the contents that are shown on the digital display.

Our line of these products feature a compact and robust design with a powerful Intel or AMD processor. Depending on the product model, it can have an Android or Windows operating systems. With its efficient power consumption, there is less heat being generated, making it an ideal solution for kiosk or any open environment. By integrating the latest graphics technology, it delivers high resolutions for superior displays and optimal display experience.

We also include a signage suite software which allows for ease of use with its screen designer, schedule control and device management applications. Standard outputs are also being supported including DVI and HDMI. It also offers content flexibility for image, flash and multimedia file formats, giving the user more options of delivering the content. Moreover, these signage solutions from iTech provides easy integration for other software applications and other functionalities such as touchscreen, barcode reader, and swipe device, among others.