Signage LCD-Video Wall Processors


For many companies and organizations, the need to visualize various contents and share information to a wider audience is already a part of their usual operations. Utilizing an appropriate technology can make such tasks easier and efficient. At iTech Company, we offer our Signage LCD Video Wall Processors which are ideal for these applications. These devices enable the display of multiple sources across video walls, projector screens, or a display wall. See these products below.

Most businesses are now employing video wall systems in order to captivate their audience with high-definition screens, showcasing their brands. But these display screens which are commonly seen in malls, airports, and restaurants, among others, make use of a video wall controller. It is a piece of hardware that distributes the content via inputs and outputs. It splits the image into parts to be displayed on the screens or it will clones the content and route it individually to each screen.

Our selection of video wall controllers offer unsurpassed reliability, versatile capabilities, and a host of other user-friendly features. It supports various display modes including full mode, clone mode, and vertical replication mode. There’s also a support for HD content and scaling function. For more flexibility, it supports various monitor resolutions for different video wall applications. Another useful features is the Unique GeniMASK Bezel Masking Technology which sets the bezel mask to compensate for the gaps between monitors in the video wall array. Such technology results to a contiguous final image without the gaps.

Our video wall processors will help you to display your content beautifully without any hassle. Aside from those useful features, these devices are also guaranteed to be durable enough to be used continuously and for longer period of time. For more info about these products, simply contact us through our given email and phone number.