46" Full Water Proof IP65 All in One LCD computer display

Here, we have iTech Company's 46" Full Waterproof IP65 All-in-One LCD Computers which are designed to perform reliably even when exposed to difficult environmental conditions. These are fully enclosed devices with an optional touchscreen feature for convenient usage.It has also a fanless design for a quiet operation and improve product longevity.For powerful computing capability, it is equipped with an Intel Atom processor. See the other features of these products below.

This line of computers offers a waterproof solution with its full IP and NEMA4 rating for the front and back. With its 46-inch LCD screen, it delivers a Bright Active Matrix TFT Display with a high resolution of 1920x1080 for superior image quality. Ruggedness is also one of the main considerations when designing this line of computers to ensure that it can withstand tough conditions and rough handling. With these, it features a stainless and aluminum housing chassis design. An AR Protective Glass is also installed on this device which not only provide an extra but also helps maintain clear and crisp image quality even when used under direct sunlight.

For more flexibility and functionality, there are a lot of options that you can avail with these waterproof all-in-one PC solutions. One of these is the custom fitting for purging the monitor's enclosure. Depending on the needs of your application, you can choose from various touchscreens including a 5-wired resistive touch, IR, and PCap touchscreen. There’s also an optional for 9-36V DC input. For semi-outdoor deployment, you can opt for a high brightness level of up to 1000nits. Other optional features include an auto dimming sensor, IR remote control with front sensor, heater for lower temperatures, and an integrated VGA/ DVI extender.