LCD NEMA4X All Water Proof Computer

iTech Company’s range of LCD NEMA4X All Water Proof Computer systems offer an all-in-one PC solution for several applications such as food and beverage processing, meat or poultry processing, construction, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and clinical facilities, among others. These waterproof sealed LCD panel PCs are designed to withstand harsh and demanding conditions. These products are sealed on all sides against liquids, unlike other panel PCs where the only protected part is the front panel. It features full flat LCD screenswhich are available in 15”, 17”, and 19” monitor sizes.

These waterproof PCs have a full IP65 protection with a stainless steel housing design to resist against corrosion in harsh environments.While it has a sleek design, it also offers mechanical stability and reliability. In areas where wash downs and sprays of liquids are common, this is an ideal solution with its connectors that are alsobeing protected against such elements.

Meanwhile, it is powered by Intel processors to handle complex tasks with ease. It also features touchscreen functionality which gives the users quick and easy access to the information that they need and for convenient viewing of information as well.For more flexibility, it supports various I/O ports including LAN, USB, and COM, with integrated VGA. Its LCD monitor delivers clear and sharp displays with high resolutions.

All in all, these waterproof NEMA4x LCD computersofferhigh-performingsolutions to meet the customers' special requirements in harsh applications.With these products, it operates fully even in the presence of airborne particles, humidity, water spray, and sanitizing chemicals.