Panel PC T5 Series


iTech Company’s Panel PC T Series is a high performance and low power computer system which is designed to meet several applications in the industrial market including kiosk, POS, industrial automation, HMI and programmable control system. It has a compact design with a number of latest features such as VGA/LCD controller, COM ports, and on -board ethernet port. This series of computers is available in open frame, panel mount and chassis mount type. The LCD monitor screen is also available in a wide range of sizes. Browse our list of products below.

These panel PCs are equipped with industrial-grade specifications to provide long-lasting and exceptional productivity in the harshest work environments. These are powerful machines that can withstand high pressure water, strong shocks, moisture, and vibrations without system failure or losing any data. It features an exterior enclosure that is completely sealed and complies with IP rating standards to provide maximum protection.

Meanwhile, its bright LCD display provides easy readability in various settings, even in harsh lighting and direct sunlight. It has also an optional touch panel which is very responsive and for ease of user interaction. Moreover, it can be upgraded later in order to provide industry-standard updates and it is compatible with all current software and hardware for easy integration into existing IT systems.

iTech Company’s industrial panel PC systems are designed for several applications including food production, medical care, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, among others. But if you have specific features and requirements that you want to integrate into this type of PC, we can discuss for a custom-designed product. Simply contact us for more info.