Rugged Portable PC

If you are looking for a rugged and portable PC for your application, iTech Company offers the right solution. These line of products are space-efficient yet have powerful performance which are ideal for various industrial applications. See our selection of portable rugged PCs below.

A rugged portable computer is a type of computer which is specifically designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions like strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions. It features a compact design for mobility purposes.Today, it is being utilized by almost every industry including construction, military, distribution, retail, healthcare, sales, service and warehouse, among many others. A reliable rugged portable computer offers several advantages.Aside from easy installation and usage, it is also a versatile system that can be used for multiple purposes.

iTech Company has a range of rugged portable PC systems that are upgradeable and fully functional mobile computers. These are available in various monitor sizes. With its powerful Intel or AMD processors, you can take these high-performance and portable workstations into the field with confidence. The LCD screen is impact-resistant for protection against unfriendly environments. It has also a multi-slot and multi-drive bay design to boost its efficiency and performance.

These are ideal solutions if you are looking for a power and expansion capability of a desktop PC in a portable package. Here, you’ll have expansion slots for future upgrades, high end processors for smooth performance, massive fixed and removable storage, and vivid integrated LCDs within one package. On the other hand, we also provide a customized portable computer for your specific requirements. Call us today for more info about our products or discussa custom-built design.