17" ~ 17.3" LCD Rugged Portable PC


If you are looking for a high-power computing solution packed in a portable system, check out iTech Company’s range of 17" LCD Rugged Portable PCs. This line of computers is available in various processors including Intel i3, Intel i5, Intel i7, AMD Athlon, Intel Core Duo/Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Pentium and Intel Xeon. It is also equipped with various protection features and has a rugged design, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial application such as military operation, field service, portable servers and workstations, geophysical exploration, and factory automation, among many others. Check out these products below and their corresponding specifications.


With this type of computers, we try to combine the power of a desktop computer with the portability of a laptop. The result is a powerful computing machine that you can deploy at ease in any location. It is built with heavy duty metal housing for a robust system that can endure harsh working environments and mission critical applications. For added protection, its LCD screen is guarded with a specially treated anti-glare tempered glass. It has an effective cooling system as well for longer period of usage.

For outdoor applications, it features an optional transflective technology sunlight readable LCD to ensure that the screen is readable at all times especially when used under direct sunlight or high ambient lighting conditions. It is also a flexible and highly-configurable machine with its available full length expansion slots that are compatible with expansions cards for most applications.

Being in this industry for several years, we came up various innovations to create reliable and durable products that meet the requirements of several applications. If you have any question regarding these rugged portable PCs, just contact us through the given phone number and email.