20" LCD Rugged Portable PC

iTech Company's range of 20" LCD Rugged Portable PCs are designed to perform reliably and packed in compact designs. These computing devices also feature multiple expansion slots, massive storage capacity, high end processors and an integrated LCD display. You have the option to choose from a number of processors including AMD Athlon, Intel Pentium and Intel Xeon processors. See these products below as well as the specifications of each.

With the portability and heavy-duty components of these devices, you’ll have a tough and go-anywhere powerful computer which is capable of a wide range of applications, including power industry, military and telecommunication applications. While the overall strength is essential in the designing these products, we utilized a well-engineered all-aluminum chassis surrounded by an all aluminum outer shell with shock-absorbing composite rubber corner blocks. For a rugged LCD screen, it is being protected by an impact-resistant glass. The keyboard with built-in pointing device on the other hand, is environmentally-sealed for protection against water, dust and accidental spills. To protect the hard drive from possible damage, it is shock-mounted.

Expansion capability is also another great feature of these portable computers. It can be easily customized for the majority of portable computing applications where there is a need for add-in PC card capability and massive disk drive expansion. It makes use of standard off-the-shelf components for an optimized price without compromising performance.

This line of rugged portable PCs from iTech Company combines compactness, strength, and portability, for a state-of-the-art PC system. Call us for more info about these products. We also offer customize solutions to specifically meet your requirements.