15" LCD Rugged Portable PC

iTech Company's range of 15" LCD Rugged Portable PCs are lightweight and compact computer solutions. It has also multi-expansion slots for more flexibility and a number of battery power optionsfor longer usage especially in field operations. Its large memory capacity combined with powerful processors deliver high computing performance. The available processors include AMD Athlon, Intel i5, Intel Core Duo/Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Pentium.These devices are designed with high mobility in mind without compromising performance.

These portable computers feature a compact all-aluminum enclosure which is designed for rugged applications. The 15-inch LCD screens are fitted with 3mm impact-resistant glass to protect the display from harsh and unfriendly environments. Its support for a wide range of processors either Intel or AMD, also increases the longevity of the product by not being obsolete. Most of the product models has a double card retention system for double protection that holds individual add-on cards securely in two points along with an adjustable pressure mechanism.

In terms of its cooling system, two intake fans are placed to draw in air blowing directly at the add-in cards. The intake fans also features a removable washable filter in order to keep dust and unwanted particles away from the system. Its enclosure is designed to allow the air to flow through the guided path and then draw the warm air out from the exhaust fan in the power supply.

With all those features, these rugged portable PCs are intended for applications where survivability and reliability is essential such as in military, field service, portable servers, field data acquisition, and geophysical exploration, among others. Contact us for more info about our products and services.