Panel PC (AMD)


This line of all-in-one panel PC from iTech Company features a CPU powered by AMD processors with industrial motherboards that are specifically designed for tough and harsh industrial environments and for continuous reliable operation. It also features a compact stainless steel and aluminum durable housing with a highly integrated touchscreen network-ready computer. These are available in a wide range of LCD monitor sizes from 5.6” to 37”. See the specifications of each product below.

Our range of panel PCs are equipped with high-quality components, powerful processors, reliable connectivity, and LCD screens that deliver superior quality of displays. The front panel of these rugged PCs comply with IP64 rating standards. With this, it is sealed and protected from cuts, scratches, and wear. It has also an extra protection against dust and splash of water. Thus, it delivers a reliable performance in various industrial settings such as control rooms, warehouse and automation control panel, among others.

There are a number of AMD processors that you can choose from to meet the requirements of your application. Its sleek and fanless design offers space-saving efficiency. It is also available with optional integrated touch screen functionality for simplifying user interaction and interactive applications. In terms of connectivity, this type of computers comes with a built-in Wireless LAN and bluetooth module for easier transfer of data. Moreover, there are built-in speakers to manage audio outputs.

iTech Compay’s industrial panel PC systems have a sturdier construction for an enhanced durability. Equipped with powerful AMD processors, these devices deliver high performance that can handle various complex tasks. On the other hand, we also provide customize products to meet the client’s specifications and requirements. Contact us if you have more queries about this.