Panel PC/All-in-One LCD PC


iTech Company’s all-in-one LCD PC systems feature a fully enclosed rugged design which enable them to operate reliably in tough conditions. It makes use of high quality industrial components for more durability of the product. These devices are available in wide a range of monitor sizes, from 7” to 57”. These are also powered by various processors including Intel, AMD, VIA, and ARM. Check out the list of products below and see the specifications of each.

Despite the rugged features of this type of computers, it has a stylish design and light weight construction, making it an ideal solution for public area deployments. Its light weight allows it to be panel mounted. For more flexibility, it supports multiple video inputs including VGA, DVI-D, S-Video, component and BNC video input interfaces. This 5-in-1 system feature allows the device to be connected to various devices and most electronic appliances.

Meanwhile, the integrated OSD functions which are located under the front panel also offer a convenient configuration for the monitor including the image, display, PIP, color and system configurations. Some product models are also equipped with an ambient light sensor feature to ensure that the monitor delivers optimal display in all lighting conditions. The LCD monitors of these computers also deliver superior image quality with its advanced patented imaging technology on the EAPC LCD controller which can accept 1080i high resolution images.

To provide the highest level of protection against dust and low pressure water spray, this type of panel PC systems complies with the IP64 rating standard. This ensures that it can withstand any industrial and harsh environments. Moreover, there’s also the optional touch screen feature via RS-232 or USB connectivity.

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