37" All-in-One LCD PC

Touch Panel PC | Industrial PC | Rackmount PC

Touchscreens have made a name for themselves within the last several years. Everyone uses them whether it is for their phones or for their computers. Many industrial and commercial businesses count on touchscreens to run their day to day operations. A touch panel pc is offered now to help make computer operations easier and more convenient. A touch panel pc can detect and respond to something that touches it whether it is someone’s finger or a stylus pressing on it. An industrial pc can also come in the form of a touch panel pc as well as a rackmount pc. Industrial PCs are usually used for process control and data acquisition. These types of pcs are also offered in the form of a rackmount pc. This is a type of pc that can be mounted in a rack or a shelf in order to keep the pc convenient for the user. These are also highly ideal for industrial and commercial settings because they can be mobile.

I-Tech Company is the top manufacturer in touch panel pc, industrial pc and rackmount pc. Since 2001 I-Tech has been offering top of the line industrial, military, marine, medical and outdoor pc solutions. They are headquartered in Fremont, California, but have distributors worldwide. This helps to allow them to reach out to everyone in need of an industrial type pc. Many of these distributors offer product service and technical support. I-Tech’s products are used in just about every industrial and networking sector in wide variety of applications. Contact I-Tech Company today to find the right touch panel pc, industrial pc or rackmount pc for you.