19" Panel PC Embedded

Panel PC | Industrial Computer | Embedded Computer

Whether you are searching for a new panel PC, industrial computer or an embedded computer, I-Tech Company is sure to have something for you. A panel PC is the subset of an industrial computer. It is typically an LCD. It is incorporated into the same enclosure as the motherboard. A panel PC is mounted and often has a touchscreen for easier user interaction. An industrial computer is an x86 PC based computing platform for industrial applications. They are used for process control and data acquisition. It can also just be used as a frontend to another control computer. An embedded computer is a computer that is a part of a machine or device. They most commonly use a program that is stored in a non-volatile memory. It is usually only intended to operate a specific machine or device. A panel PC, industrial computer and embedded computer are typically used in industrial and commercial settings.

I-Tech Company is the top choice in consumers for panel PC, industrial computer and embedded computer manufacturing. They have been dedicated since 2001 to providing consumers top of the line products and services. I-Tech is based in Fremont, California and has distributors worldwide. They are the leading manufacturer for industrial, networking, marine, military and medical grade equipment. Contact I-Tech Company today to find the right panel PC, industrial computer or embedded computer for your industry.