42" All-in-One LCD PC

Embedded Computer | Industrial Computer | Panel PC

An industrial computer is used by different types of industrial and commercial businesses. It is an x86 PC based computing platform for industrial applications. They are used to for process control and data acquisition. They are usually used as a front end to another control computer.

An embedded computer is a computer that is a part of a machine or device. They usually have a program that is stored in a non-volatile memory. It is usually only meant for to operate a specific machine or device. An embedded computer is usually required to operate continuously without being reset or rebooted.

A panel pc is also recognized as a control panel. They are ideal for the industrial work area. Panel PCs are flat and often vertical. They are used to control or monitor instruments or equipment. They are most commonly used in factories to control and monitor production lines. The military is known for using panel pcs to monitor ships, aircrafts or even nuclear power plants.

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