Panel PC (17.0" Touch LCD)


iTech Company’s 17-inch panel PCs are ideal for automation system applications in industrial environments such as food processing factories, manufacturing plants, car washing stations, and pharmaceutical facilities, among others where moisture, grease and dust are common. It complies with IP rating standards to ensure that it can withstand various harsh conditions. It offers a reliable computing performance with effective heat dissipation. See the other features of these products below.

With its IP rating protection for its chassis, it offers a dustproof and waterproof device, including its connector and power adaptor. It also allows the device to be washed down. It features a steel chassis which is corrosion-proof and anti-oil, which also facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the device. These panel PCs come with a screen protective Plexiglas. However, there’s also an optional touch screen feature for interactive applications and ease of use. It is also equipped with a solid-state Compact Flash hard drive which offers a reliable shock resistance for rugged applications.

Meanwhile, its connectivity includes Ethernet ports for hardwire LAN connections and wireless radio with diversity antennas, providing ultimate location flexibility. While it supports various I/O ports, it offers easy access but sealed, giving the user the ability to use standard cables but can still secure the cables from the environment and unwanted disconnection. To best fit your application requirements, these panel PCs are available in various processors including Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Atom, AMD Athlon, AMD, VIA C7, and VIA Eden.

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