Panel PC (18.5" - 19.0" Touch LCD)


iTech Company selection of 19-inch panel PC solutions are designed for use in industrial settings. Either it will be used as a human-machine interface in an agribusiness, chemical plant, automobile assembly line, or in the hotel industry, it offers a reliable solution with its several advanced features. Our panel PCs are available in a wide range of processors, including the Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo, Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Atom, AMD Athlon, AMD, VIA C7, and VIA Eden. See the other specifications of each of our products below.

These panel PCs are high-performance industrial computers with high-brightness and high-contrast LCD displays. Its ultra-luminous screen delivers clear and sharp display even when used under direct sunlight. The LCD monitor is available in different screen size options as well. As these are designed for reliable operation in harsh environments, it features protection against dusts and splashes of water with its compliance with the IP rating standards. It can also withstand wide temperature variations, strong shocks and vibrations, and other mechanical hazards.

Meanwhile, its processing power ensures that it can handle complex tasks seamlessly. There are a number of connectability options including USB 2.0 port, optional RS-232 COM port, Mini PCI expansion slot, and PS/2 port, among others. Its stainless steel chassis is corrosion-proof, anti-oil, and facilitates cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, there’s an optional touchscreen functionality which provides ideal solution doe for interactive applications.

Several applications can take advantage of the flexibility and computing power that industrial panel PCs offer. At iTech Company, we always ensure that our products delivers optimum performance by combining durable quality and powerful computing capability. We also offer customize solutions based on our client’s requirements. Contact us for more info about our products.