Panel PC (Intel Celeron)


Here, we present our range of industrial panel PCs which are powered by Intel Celeron processors. These devices deliver great computing performance, power efficiency, and compatibility to various existing systems. It has also a rugged design which makes it an ideal solution for applications that are exposed to harsh and challenging environments. These are available in various monitor sizes from 6.4” to 42”.

As PC-based automation systems are being widely used in several industries these days, panel PCs offer solutions to boost productivity and efficiency in any particular application. These devices provide electronic operating procedures that minimize cost as well as engineering efforts. We provide such solutions which meet the requirements of general applications including automation, monitoring, and control and data processing.

Our panel PCs with Intel Celeron processors are available in various choices from entry to professional level systems. It has a protection against water spray and other contaminants with its aluminium or stainless steel front bezel complies with the IP65 rating standards with an optional waterproof gasket design. There’s also a variety of I/O ports and expansion slots available for more possibility of advanced applications.

Meanwhile, the LCD display delivers superior image quality with an ambient light sensor to help conserve energy. For ease of user interaction and other interactive applications, a touch screen functionality is available. There’s also an optional Wifi connection for more interconnectivity. Moreover, these are VESA-mountable devices for flexibility in mounting and deployment.

We also offer custom-design products based on our client’s specifications. For more information about our products and services, contact us anytime.