Panel PC (8" - 8.9" Touch LCD)


iTech Company’s range of Panel PCs in 8" to 8.9" LCD screen sizes are ideal solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Either it will be used for human-machine interfaces, integrated into manufacturing lines and workstations, or placed in kiosks and vehicles, it has all the necessary features to withstand in these applications. Our products are available in various processors including Intel Core i5, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium, Intel Atom, AMD, and VIA Eden. See our products below and select which one best suits your application.


These devices comply with various IP rating standards for dust and water protection. It also has an ultra-luminous screen with sunlight readability feature to deliver clear and crisp display in all settings even in high ambient lighting conditions. Other useful features include a wide operating temperature range, fanless design, resistance to strong shocks and vibration. All of these help the device to perform optimally regardless of various external factors and challenges. With its powerful processors also, it can handle complex tasks seamlessly. Moreover, a touchscreen feature enables the users to interact with the device and simplifies its various functions.

iTech Company’s touch screen panel PC are designed to work in demanding conditions. We make use of the latest technology and always ensure that our products perform at its best to make sure that our customers get the value for their money. As customization is our specialty, we can create a product based on our client’s specifications. For more info about this, contact us and let’s discuss what it the panel PC for your application.