IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitor with (LVDS Input)


Here, we present our line of IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitors with LVDS input. These LCD displays are designed with NEMA6/IP67 rated sealed to withstand extreme environments and harsh conditions that are commonly encountered in industrial applications. It comes standard with digital LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signal) video input. Aside from the rugged design, these monitors also feature sunlight readability and optional NVIS integration to maintain superior display quality in any lighting condition. These products are available in sizes ranging from 8.4 inches to 15 inches.

This type of LCDs features a ruggedized flat panel display to make sure that it can endure the most demanding applications. It can handle a wide range of extreme environments, providing an ideal solution for mobile applications. With its milled billet aluminum case, it offers a slim design that is light weight and watertight with fully sealed connectors. For ease of use, it has a front-mounted controls and an optional touch screen.

Meanwhile, it also utilized the latest optical engineering technology for optimum viewability under various lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. For maximum performance within any rugged application, you can avail some optional features such as the analog resistive touch screen, a USB pass-through connector and internal heaters. A flush mount option is available as well. Moreover, these rugged outdoor LCDs are power-efficient and have low heat design for increased reliability and longevity which are required for mission-critical applications.

iTech Company is considered as one of the leading innovators when it comes to industrial LCD displays and computers. With their several years of being in this industry, they already understand the needs and requirements of different clients for a reliable solution that delivers high-performance in harsh environments and demanding applications.