NEMA 4 TouchScreen LCD

Our NEMA 4 Touchscreen LCD monitors are ideal for washdown environmentsand other applications where harsh conditions are present.It is a robust industrial grade displaywhich is manufactured from stainless steel. It is dustproof and resistant to grease, dirt, heavy impacts, corrosion, vandalism, theft, and other debris that may damage the device.Browse each of the product models below and see their specifications.

Water, dust, dirt, and weather are some of the common challenges in preventing any industrial display monitor from failing. If the display is deployed in a location where it will be left unattended, vandalism and theft also pose other potential hazards. That’s why suchLCD displays need proper protection.

NEMA 4 LCD displays offer consistent reliability, efficiency and safety for a wide of applications including food and beverage processing, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, and medical environments. These waterproof and dustproof monitors are designed to provide uninterrupted operation in various applications where regular LCDs won’t endure.

The housing is made of a stainless steel and is completely sealed with NEMA 4 protection, enabling the device to run 24/7.The front panel is made of rugged corrosion-resistant material for extra protection.For interactive applications and ease of use, the touch screen functionality would be a useful feature. It also features wide operating temperatures for these devices to withstand too cold or too hot conditions. For more durability, it has an enhanced shock and vibration resistance as well.

At iTech Company, we always ensure the high quality of our products along with careful engineering designs to integrate various useful features. These NEMA 4 LCD displays are completely sealed and provide the extra level of protection needed for several industrial, commercial and even military applications.Contact us for more inquiries.