IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitor with (NTSC/PAL Direct Video Feed Via BNC S-Vdeo Input)

Here, we have our range of IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitor with NTSC/PAL Direct Video Feed via BNC S-Vdeo Input. These monitor displays are built to provide maximum protection from dirty, wet and hostile operating environments which are common in industrial applications. These devices are available from 8.4" to 15" monitor sizes. See these products below as well the specifications of each.

These devices are sealed to IP67 standards, making it resistant to unwanted elements such as dust and splash of water, among others. These are also ideal for outdoor use with its high bright screen panel which utilizes LED backlit technology. Even under direct sunlight, it still delivers clear and sharp image quality.Features such as antireflective/antiglare surface treatments also helps deliver optimal viewing experience.

To perform without worries under extreme settings, it has wide operational temperature range capabilities. For ease of use, you can avail an optional touchscreen functionality. It is housed in a milled billet aluminum case for a slim and light weight design. It is also watertight with its fully sealed connectors.

iTech Company is considered as one of the leading suppliers of highly reliable industrial LCD displays and computers. Over the years, they have already worked with several clients globally. Their rugged outdoor LCDs are ideally suited for various harsh conditions where dust, dirt, moisture, splash of water, hose directed spray, and other caustic contaminants are common. Equipped with enough protection and high-grade components, it offers a reliable solution regardless of the environment where it is installed.