IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitor with (RGB , Direct Video Feed Via BNC S-Vdeo Input)

Here, we present our IP67 LCD Rugged All Weather Monitor with RGB Direct Video Feed via BNC S-Video Input which are made using latest technologies and can withstand various harsh environments. These are ideal for application where corrosion-resistance and rugged design are required. It is equipped with the latest optical technology to deliver excellent image quality. These products are available in monitor sizes ranging from 8.4 inches to 15 inches.

One of the best characteristics of this type of computers is their ability to survive in any type of condition. With its milled aluminium casing which is sealed to IP67/NEMA 6 standards, this type of computers are being protected from unwanted elements that can destroy their functioning. With that, it remains unfazed regardless of the rugged conditions. To handle extreme conditions, it features a wide operating temperature.

Higher image quality is also another characteristic it offers. It delivers high brightness and contrast levels. To ensure that the LCD screen is readable under various lighting conditions, it features sunlight readability with antireflective/antiglare surface treatments. You have nothing to worry with its electronic components as it is protected against internal short circuit, load dump, over voltage and reverse polarity. It has also an IP68 anticorrosive metal sealed connectors. Moreover, it is power-efficient with low heat design for increased reliability and longevity which are required in several industrial applications.

iTech Company is considered as one of the innovative suppliers of rugged outdoor LCDs with several years of experience working with various clients worldwide. We integrate cutting edge technology and high-grade components to come up with the most powerful products available. Contact us now for more info.