Tablet LCD without PC

iTech Company’s range of Tablet LCDs without PC are designed for applications where there’s a constant exposure to dusty air, extreme temperatures, strong shocks and vibrations, moisture, and chemicals, among others. These products comply with the IP rating standards for protection against various elements and for more durability to perform under harsh conditions. See each of the products below.

There are several applications where resiliency and mobility of the device is required. Whether you work in a manufacturing environment, factory automation, construction, or transportation and logistics, you need a rugged computing power that’s also easy to handle as well. The answer for this is an industrial tablet LCD and at iTech Company, we came up with a range of these products that are not only ruggedly designed but also perform reliably as well.

Our products can be a reliable tool to boost productivity within any harsh working environment. These adhere to variousmilitary standards for sealing, vibration and drop specs. It features an integrated numeric keypad, optional barcode scanner and different mounting options. It also offers various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and WLAN. To ensure visibility under direct sunlight or high lighting conditions, you can opt for a sunlight readable display feature.This also allows you to continue your operations regardless of the weather. Moreover, hot swappable batteries enables you to use it for extended hours.

With its rugged exterior and military grade components, these industrial tablet LCDs are built to withstand in rough conditions, while providing data in real time and offer easy usage that even non-technical people can figure out.With those several features, such devices are valuable investments either for industrial or commercial applications. For more info about our products, contact us at our given phone number and email.