15" Tablet LCD


Here, we present iTech Company's range of 15-inch Tablet LCDs with an electromagnetic touch sensor that can be drawn directly on panel by digital pen. These devices have an elegant design, yet packed with useful features for a reliable computing solution. It is designed to endure various conditions that a regular tablet can’t such as dirt, splash of water and other elements that you commonly encounter outdoors. Browse our list of these products below.

The screen panel of this device has a sunlight readability feature to maintain a clear and visible display even when used outdoors and other high ambient lighting conditions. The durability of this product is also a main consideration. It is equipped with a rubber protection on each corner to avoid being easily damaged in rugged applications. For ease of usage, it has a built-in touch screen in which you can simply touch the screen with either your finger or use a stylus pen to operate it.

On the other hand, there’s an abundant support of various I/O ports such as Express card slot and Smart card slot. In terms of its connectivity, it has a WiFi function, ensuring that you are always connected and can transmit data anytime. For more functionality, various optional features are being provided including the GPRS and GPS function, Bluetooth, TV tuner and antenna, and VESA mount kit with magnetic card reader.

iTech Company offers a range of rugged tablets equipped with several useful features for a high-performance solution that can endure rugged applications. Contact us to know more about our products and services.