Tablet LCD with PC

Nowadays, our computing devices are getting smaller and smaller. From desktop computers, we now have laptops and tablet PCs. These devices offer a number of advantages than a typical PC such as portability without compromising the computing power. At iTech Company, we have a range of Tablet LCDs with PC which are ruggedly designed for industrial and commercial applications. Check out the products below and see their specifications.

These devices offer a mobile solution with a reliable performance than can withstand harsh environments. Whether it will be used for warehousing, construction, manufacturing, or pharmaceuticals, it can get the job done efficiently. It features a brilliant touch display which is available in 8.4”, 10.4”, and 12”screen size. With its thin, light, durable package, the device is also easy to use and integrate with other systems. It has a powerful processor which is capable of executing complex tasks. Meanwhile, it also supports wireless LAN and WAN for more connectivity options.

There are also a number of optional features available with these Rugged Tablet PCs such as camera, outdoor-viewable display, magnetic stripe reader, and barcode scanner. Meanwhile, you can avail some of its accessories for more efficiency and flexibility of usage. These include carrying case with compact USB keyboard, external battery pack, desktop charging cradle, multi-pack external battery charger, desktop charging stand, in-vehicle cradle with keyboard or tray option, and mountable cradle.

iTech Company’s Tablet LCDs are designed with usability and portability in mind. By integrating the powerful computing capability of desktop PCs into these products, these offer a mobile solution without compromising its performance. Contact us for more info about these products.