LCD Wide Temp Sunlight Readable Monitor

Nowadays, wide temperature LCD monitors have a growing demand in many fields. These are LCD displays which are expected to endure various extreme conditions and commonly used in different industrial applications. In response to this, iTech Company came up with a range of products that are equipped with wide operating temperature and sunlight readability features. See the list of products below.

This series of products arewide temp displays which are designed for applications under extreme heat or extreme cold. While these are especially designed for a wider range of extreme temperatures, it still maintains high quality visual display. Choose from various range of operating temperaturesdepending on the needs of your application, from -20C ~ 50C to -20C ~ 70C. They are available in various sizes from 6.5” to 15“, with resolutions from 640x480 to 1024x768.

On the other hand, another significant feature with this line of products is the sunlight readability which enables the user to see sharp and clear images even if the screen is under direct sunlight. It features brightness levels which range from 350nits to 1600nits.It utilizes a LED backlighting technology for delivering superior image quality. With this, you can expect full graphic capability and daylight visibility.

Select an LCD Wide Temp Sunlight Readable Monitor below that best suit your needs. For a detailed information, just click on the product model. We ensure that our productsdeliver a reliable performance under demanding conditions.