LCD Ultra-Thin

iTech Company’s Ultra-thin Open Frame LCD Monitor is a touch screen displaywith slim and lightweight features to allow efficient integration into any embedded application. It has a high contrast colour and high resolution for excellent image quality. Check the specifications of each product model below.

Being one of the leading innovators in the LCD industry, iTech Company came up with a new series of cutting-edge technology: the ultra-thin open frame LCD monitors.

This type of LCDs has high contrast colour and support a resolution of up to 1280x1024 for an incredible image detail. For easy picture quality adjustment, there’s an advanced OSD control that the user can tweak. Its heavy duty monitor with steel frame will ensure that this LCD display can withstand rugged applications despite its thin and lightweight construction. For the intuitive interaction between the user and the device, it is available with a resistive touch screen functionality. Moreover, it has a power management system that complies toVESA DPMS and EPA Energy Star standards.

LCD ultra thin type of displays bring a lot of advantages. It is convenient to use and a space-saving solution. Yet, it is still packed with all the other features that you can get from other industrial LCDs. If you are planning to purchase such products, check out iTech Company’s inventories. They also provide a customized design based on your specifications. Call them anytime to discuss your custom design or for any inquiry regarding their products.