LCD IP54 Wide Range Temp.

Here, we introduce our range of LCD IP54 Wide Range Temp monitors which are not only designed to withstand hostile weather conditions but applications where it will be exposed to harsh environments. These are available in widescreen dimensions, ranging from W27 to W65 with high resolution of 1920x1080.

This type of LCD displays feature mainly an IP54 compliance and a wide range of operating temperatures. With its IP54-rated enclosure, the device is protected from dust, splash of water and other materials such as dirt, oils and non-corrosives. The enclosure is made of a stainless steel for more rugged usage and for protection against high impacts, strong vibrations and shocks.

Meanwhile, these LCDs are also equipped with advanced featuresand technologiesin order to deliver a reliable performance, including LED backlighting for a clear display. The brightness levels range from 500 nits to 700 nits. Couple that with an optimal contrast ratio, it renders high quality images and enhances legibility of the display.There’s also an optional touch screen functionality, offering ease of use and works well with interactive applications.

iTech Company is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the LCD monitor industry. With the high quality and high performing of their products, you will be guaranteed that these IP54 Wide Range Temp LCD monitors will meet or exceed your expectations quality and value. Either you will deploy it for 24/7 operations, you have nothing to worry given the knowledge that suchLCD monitors will provide consistent use. Contact us for more inquiries of our products.