LCD 3D Display

iTech Company’s LCD 3D Displays show three-dimensional images with the sensation of depth that is natural. Such quality of display will definitely captivate the audience and retains their attention. It provides an ideal solution for digital signage and advertising applications. It is also a great LCD monitor for home use such as watching movies and gaming. While it provides superior quality of display for viewers watching in front of the screen,they can also move sideways to enjoy 3D scenes from a slightly different angle.These LCDs are available in various sizes. See the list of our products below.

This type of LCD monitorshas high resolutions of up to 1920x1080 for clear and sharp displays. It also features a fast response time with a good dynamic contrast ratio. It delivers excellent colour accuracy for a more realistic image or videos.The packaging of the device shows a minimalist design with slim dimensions. In terms of connectivity, there’s an audio jack, and support for VGA and DVI video outputs. The bezel of this device is solid, providing enough protection to its internal components and for more durability.

Meanwhile, itson-screen menu allows you to adjusts some parameters such as brightness, contrast and position. There’s also an on/off button for 3D functionality and a switch between the VGA and DVI connection.Moreover, these 3D LCD displays complywith VESA standards for more flexibility on mounting.

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