Teleprompter High Brightness LCD Display

We offer a selection of reliable Teleprompter LCD displays with a combination of top features that suit your specific needs. Check out the products below and see which one is the most applicable to you. Also, we have High Brightness Open Frame, Chassis mount, Panel Mount LCD and All Weather proof outdoor LCD Display for your selection. Please check out our new 4K 1000nits LCD with optional PCAP Touch.

As talking directly into a video camera is not that easy, the use of a teleprompter can help you with this task. It directs your attention straight down on the camera lens and helps you deliver a confident message. It will allow the speaker to connect better with the audience, through eye contact. Also, many people has a difficult time memorizing large chunks of text while delivering a message. With this, a teleprompter can be used to convey a lot of detail or technical specifications without the need for several graphics or presentations.

A teleprompter is basically a devise that displays scrolling text in front of the camera's lens. As a speaker, using it will allow you to look directly into the camera while addressing your message to the audience. It can be mounted on the front of any camera. It is ideal for use when the subject is just a few meters away from the camera.

At iTech Company, we offer teleprompter high brightness LCD displays with brightness levels from 400 nits to 1500 nits, giving wide choices depending on your application. They are available in various monitor sizes with resolutions from 1024x768 to 1920x1080. It supports various ports such as VGA, S-Video, Composite, and DVI. It also features a stand chassis and standard OSD. Moreover, these teleprompter LCDs reverse images internally without the use of special equipment or software.

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