Industrial Super Wide LCD Monitor

There are some applications that need extra stretch of the screen and the typical monitors just won’t do. At iTech, we offer super wide LCD display monitors which are equipped with advance and useful features. The monitor sizes are available in 15.1”, and widescreen W12.3 to W49.

Whether you want to create an eye-catching display to advertise your products or to be used for any other digital signage purposes, we have a range of products to choose from. These industrial monitor displaysare capable of producing brightness levels of 300nits to 1500nits. So, depending on the needs of your application, sunlight visibility will not be an issue. It has also the optional touchscreen which allows for interactive content to enhance viewer experience. If you want to eliminate external boxes, you can opt for a product model with a built-in PC.Crisp and clear images are being produced with screen resolutionsfrom 192x480 to 1920x540.

iTech Company offers a comprehensive range of industrial display solutions for diverse and demanding applications. For more info of our super wide industrial LCD monitors, check the specifications of each product model. You may also contact us to help you assist with your needs.