WPM-MAR-PC Series Marine Panel PC

Our WPM-MAR-PC Series Marine Panel PC systems combine powerful performance and functionality which are best suited for marine applications. This series of innovative devices are available in various sizes and resolutions. Check each of the products below.

This line of iTech Company’s products are especially designed for industrial andmarine applications. It features an anti-rust aluminum housing which is compliant to various IP rating standards to provide you a reliable machine even under harsh outdoor conditions and marine environments. It has a fanless design and is equipped with a powerful processor for a smooth performance and capable of handling complicated applications.For more flexibility and connectivity, it supports various I/O ports such as USB 2.0, COM and LAN ports. There’s also an OSD control which is located at the front panel for ease of use.

It utilizes a transflective film technology for an enhanced visibility while there’s also a dimming knob which controls backlight brightness from nearly 0% to 100%. With these, either in daytime and night time, it still delivers a superior display.There’s an optional touchscreen with AR protection glass. Moreover, an enhanced shock and vibration resistance ensures that such computers are built for rugged use.

At iTech Company, we guarantee the highest level of qualityof our products. Our range of marine PCs are ideal solutions for applications such as on shipscontrol rooms, communications, navigation, monitoring systems, and machinery control. With the integrated useful features, these offer an increase operational safety while providing you a reliable tool for various marine applications. Contact us for more info.