iTech Company has a range of combined digital signage and Outdoor Series Monitors that are ideal solutions for tourist applications. These LCDs are waterproof and dustproof with its IP65 design in stainless steel housing, ensuring long lifetime and durability in public area applications. A touch screen interface feature is also available, making it possible for your application to have a multi-language guide. With that, people coming from different countries can use it easily. All you need is just a simple setup and then, visitors can use it with a touch function. Moreover, it has an all-weather design which includes a heater option, enabling let the product operate from -20 to 55°C. See our list of digital signage LCD for tourism industry below.

As digital signage technology has been commonly used in many applications nowadays, it also opens a number of doors for some other industries such as the travel and tourism. It introduces a new way of providing an engaging and relevant content to your target audience. Whether you’ll use it to share news and information to tourists, advertise a particular product or service, or as a wayfinding device, it provides an ideal solution with its state-of-the-art features and its capability to be deployed outdoors.

Some of the tourism venues that commonly use digital signage technology include airports for relaying relevant information such as flight schedules, hotels for displaying special offers as well as its services and amenities, trains and subways for wayfinding purposes, and travel agencies to show various promotions and updated special offers. With all the benefits of installing digital signage for hospitality industry, it enhances the tourist experience and increase the revenue for businesses.

iTech Company offers its digital signage products that help you deliver your content and make impressions to several potential visitors. Contact us now and let’s discuss the best signage solution for your hospitality venue.