For the past few years, the digital signage technology is becoming commonly used in petrol stations. Take note that this is a semi-outdoor environment, where a normal digital signage cannot endure from rain, dust and other factors that can damage the device. But iTech Company offers its selection of petrol-station digital signage LCD which is equipped with IP65 rating protection and stainless steel housing for long lifetime and durability in public area deployments. To ensure that the digital signage systems can withstand harsh environments, iTech also adopts the water and dustproof technology. See the list of products below as well as the specifications of each.

Digital signage is the best way to catch the vehicle driver’s attention while they fill up their tank. In this way, you can also utilize its advertising power in order to boost your revenue. The customers can also be entertained during the waiting period while the advertiser will have their full attention. Moreover, you can also promote your in-store merchandise with the use of such technology. For some gas station owners, they have realized this opportunity and sold advertising space to some other businesses, which in turn creates another revenue stream for them.

With all the benefits of this technology, iTech Company introduces its product line which features an innovative all-weather sunlight readable LCDs to provide the highest quality of displays and maximum protection for outdoor installations. These rugged displays have the exemplary brightness and resolution to ensure the readability of the screen in almost all settings. It also features a vandal-resistant screen and housing so that it can be left outdoors without supervision. For interconnectivity and ease of data transmission, wireless and VGA/DVI CAT5 signal extenders are also available.

While we provide pre-designed products, we also offer customize product designs based on our client’s specifications and requirements. Contact us for more info about this.