Digital signage is widely used in various applications these days especially for businesses. However, there is more to installing such technology than just for marketing purposes. It is also becoming an increasingly relevant medium for security and the passing of important information to staff, students and visitors on campuses too. As compared to the traditional print media and notice boards, campus lobby signage offers an instant, flexible and easy to update means of relaying information. With its sleek design, it is also very helpful in cleaning up those billboards. Moreover, it can be used to provide information in areas where notice boards and other print notices can't go. See iTech Company's range of these products below and their specifications.

As the technology advances, campuses and universities are also adopting to the latest trends to provide the students and staff with better services. Some of these technologies are digital signage systems and interactive kiosks. One of the common applications is wayfinding kiosk which can greet, welcome, direct, and provide real-time information to students and visitors as well. With features such as touch screen functionality, it provides an interactive medium where the college campus can be transformed from a dull to an exciting environment. It has also an updatable content which means that it is easy for the school to create constantly new and targeted content for prospective students and deliver relevant information to those that are already studying.

Campus digital signage systems not only bridge the communication gaps but also provide the students with the digital venues that they best respond to. At iTech Company, we offer such products with high quality and deliver reliable performance. We also offer customize product designs based on our client’s requirements and specifications. For more info, simply contact us.