We know that Zoos are outdoor facilities and need equipment and devices that are waterproof and dust-free for a digital signage in order to view the information of any exhibit or display about a certain animal. iTech Company offers its zoo digital signage LCD systems which feature full IP65 protection, customized mounting stand, excellent viewing angle for visitors from 4' to 6' height, safety and vandal-proof glass, and easy-to-use software for the zoo staff to easily maintain attractive signage content. Browse our list of products below and the specifications of each.

Zoos nowadays are also embracing the digital signage technology as a way to display information and to actively engage visitors. With its ability to display dynamic content, digital signage deployed in zoos can engage and attract more visitors. It is also a great way to educate them about wildlife and conservation. Meanwhile, another application of these products is a static wayfinding signage to guide the people through the physical environment of the zoo and enhance their understanding and experience of the area.

These outdoor digital signage devices allow the safe use of screens in outdoor locations such as zoos. With its IP65 protection, these products are waterproof and dust-proof to cope with the demands of varying weather conditions and rugged enough to prevent accidental damage. With a touch feature, such technology also provides an interactive way to engage the visitors. Moreover, these digital signs are low-cost, low-energy, and low-maintenance solutions that can effectively deliver enticing and dynamic content to patrons and visitors.

At iTech Company, we offer best solutions for outdoor applications such as zoos. We always ensure that our products are made of the highest quality for best performance and longer product life. We also provide customize designs based on our clients specifications and requirements. For more info, simply contact us anytime.