LCD Outdoor All Weather Digital Signage Displays

iTech Company came up with a series of LCD Outdoor All Weather displays that are designed for outdoor weatherproof display solutions. These products are robust enough to withstand various weather conditions while maintaining a vivid picture quality fordelivering your message outdoors or for whatever application it is.These are available in various sizes.See the products below.

With the rapid advancements in technology, there are a number of innovations in LCD monitors that are designed to withstand the outdoor elements. These are weatherproof outdoor LCDs which are specially designed to come into contact with rain, condensation, wind, and direct sun. It has an extra protection with all of its components being cased and sealed to keep air and water out.

As it is intended for outdoor applications, it features a sunlight readable high bright monitor to ensure that the message is clearly visible even under direct sunlight or in high ambient light conditions. You’ll also expect a high contrast ratio and rich vibrant colours from this device. Its front panel features an optically-bonded glass for more protection against harsh impacts and scratches. It is also enclosed in a weatherproof housing made of aluminium for protection against various elements brought by extreme weather. Whether it is a sunny or rainy weather, these monitor displays are expected to function fully without compromising its performance.

Meanwhile, these type of LCDs are not only intended for outdoor use, they are also ideal for indoor environments where moisture may accumulate.With all of these several useful features, many businesses and industries have incorporated the use of weatherproof LCDs in their daily operations.

However, it is also important to opt for a reliable supplier in order to end up with a product that is made of quality anddelivers a reliable performance that you would expect from this type of LCDs. iTech Company is considered as one of the leading suppliers of industrial LCD monitors. Their All Weather Outdoor LCD displays are built to have maximum protection from hostile operating environments.So, if you are looking for a monitor display to be used in extremely harsh environments, check out their products.