Tactical LCD(PTID)

iTech Company’s range of Tactical LCDs (Programmable Tactical Awareness Controller) are ruggedized Mil-Spec display monitors, which are designed for the most extreme environments such as in military applications. It is ideal for operations such as situational awareness, vehicle tracking, and surveillance and reconnaissance. These are available in various monitor sizes, ranging from 8.4” to 15” with resolutions of 80ox600 to 1024x768.Please refer to our detailed product information below to see the features of each product model.

This line of LCD displays provides superior display performance for demanding mission critical applications. Itcan be used in either day or night operations while utilizing a LED backlight technology. It has also a sunlight readability feature with brightness levels ranging from 550nits to 1200nits to ensure visibility in high lighting conditions. It also consumes less power and is NVIS compliant. For maximum protection against various elements that may damage the device such as water, moisture, chemicals, and dust, among others, it has a milled aluminium casing which is sealed to IP67 rating standards.

In applications where weight and size are critical such as those commonly encountered in airborne, shipboard, tracked vehicles and rapid deployment applications, it provides an ideal solution. It also offers a tactile programmable button interface (ASCII or HEX code) via RS232 protocol for PC software functions.These LCD displays are certified with various military standards for extreme temperature, shock and vibration tests.

All in all, iTech Company’s Tactical LCD Displays are engineered to operate in extreme temperature ranges and harsh environments while maintaining a clear and vivid displays. Contact us for more inquiries regarding these products.