LCD IP54 Water Proof Outdoor

If you intend to install an LCD display in industrial settings or locations that are exposed to challenging conditions, an IP rating compliance may indicate that such devices are resistant to dust, splash of water and other elements that can damage the device. Here, we have our line of LCD IP54 waterproof outdoor monitors that offers solutions to a variety of industrial applications. These are available in W22, W46, and W55 widescreen monitor sizes with resolutions ranging from 1366x768 to 1920x1080. It also offers high brightness levels of 1200 nits to 1500 nits. See these products below.

These IP54 LCD displays are designed for use in industrial applications. Particularly, it features water-resistance, dust and dirt protection, and impact-tolerance. While it has a slim bezel design for sleek looks, it is equipped with enough protection for rough handling and possible theft with its vandal-resistant screen and housing. With its integrated heater and air conditioner, this type of LCDs can operate reliably in a wide range of temperatures that a typical LCD can’t.

Meanwhile, its high brightness levels deliver a sharp and clear display even under high ambient lighting conditions and under direct sunlight as well. There are also a number of optional features that you can avail such as the integrated touch screen, computer, heater, and CAT5 video extender. For ease of use, a unique front access design is provided.

Whatever application it is, these rugged LCD displays offer high performance with tolerance for environmental hazards and rough handling. For more info about our products and services, simply contact us.