Rugged All-in-one Vehicle PC


iTech Company’s range of rugged all-in-one vehicle PCs have been tested and are suitable hardware platform for in-vehicle system integration. This type of PCs is designed for multiple in-vehicle functions such as infotainment, video surveillance, fleet management, telematics, and law enforcement, among others. These computers are available in various monitor sizes, from 7” to 12.1”. See the features of each of the products below.

These rugged PC systems are designed to meet the challenging conditions during the move. These are powered by Intel processors with unique features and functions that will cater different industries. For rugged design that can withstand harsh conditions and for water and dust protection, it is equipped with an aluminum enclosure that complies with IP65 rating standards. It has also a fanless design which prevents the unwanted elements from entering the device. These products meet the MIL-STD 810G military standard for an enhanced anti-vibration and shock resistance.

In terms of its display screen, it utilizes a LED backlight panel which delivers superior image quality. It also features touchscreen functionality for ease of use and interactive applications. For flexible expansion capability, it supports various connectivity including WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. With regards to handling critical power management issue which is one of the common challenges of vehicle computers, it integrates a wide range of DC input with surge protection.

iTech Company’s rugged all-in-one PC systems can be embedded into various vehicle applications such as taxi, ambulance, police car, bus, construction vehicle, fire fighter truck, heavy duty truck, and train. We always ensure that these products can handle tough conditions by utilizing high-grade components and unique features that are essential to vehicle applications. Contact us to request for a quote and more info on these products.