Panel Mount (Aluminum-6mm), 12.1 " LCD monitor, LED  VGA + DVI Input, Rear OSD, including rear Clamp mount/VESA Mount (Model: YPM1210HB)

Panel Mount (Aluminum-6mm), 12.1 " LCD monitor, LED VGA + DVI Input, Rear OSD, including rear Clamp mount/VESA Mount (Model: YPM1210HB)

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  • 12.1" SVGA / XGA TFT LCD with resolution up to 800 x 600 / 1024 x 768
  • Suitable for military, tablet, ruggedized PC, kiosk, advertising, POS, marline, transportation, gaming, gas pump
  • Front Bezel IP65 (with glass or touch)
  • Construction Front Panel:High quality aluminum bezel (anodic treatment)

System Specs:

System Specifications
Display Type 12.1" TFT-LCD
Display Color 262K/16.2M colors
Brightness (cd/m) 1000nits
Display Resolution (pixel) SVGA(800 x 600)
Viewing Angles (CR≥10) 80/80/50/60
Contrast Ratio 600 : 1
Backlight Unit LED
Response Time (msec) 35ms
Operation 0C~+50C
Storage -20C~+60C
Optional Touch, Glass

Clamp Mount


Order Information

Touch Screen (Optional)
N: No touch screen or glass.
G: Glass (AR Coating).
R: 5-Wires Resistive, RS232.
U: 5-Wires Resistive, USB
Signal Input
C: VGA only.
E: VGA + DVI-D + Audio.
B: Black
S: Sliver
N: N/A
P: Panel mount kits.

Installation Guide for Panel Mount Product:

You better have at least 2 people to do the installation. One is at the front side of the mounting wall, another is at the back side of the mounting wall.
1. Get the Mechanical Drawing :
You can get the mechanical drawing of your product model from our web site : www.itechlcd.com . If you can't find the correct mechanical drawing, contact your local dealer.

2. Make the cut out :

There is the cut out dimension in the Mechanical Drawing. Make sure your cut out meet the cut out dimension requirement. If the cut out is too small, there will be some interference. If the cut out is too big, you can't have the panel
mounting securely. Please note that there is thickness limitation of the mounting wall for panel mount installation.

3. Prepare the accessory :

For panel mounting kit installation, you will receive mounting kits and screws together with your unit and you have to prepare the screw driver by yourself. There are at least 2 mounting kits for each side of the panel. The mounting kit and the screw is paired.

4. Installation :
4-1. Put the monitor in the cut out from the front side of the mounting wall. The best way to mount the panel is to align the bottom of the panel housing with the bottom edge of the cut out. This way can help hold the panel steadily.
4-2. At the back side of the mounting wall, insert the mounting kits into the slide hole at the side bracket on the panel.
4-3. Put the screw on the mounting kits and screw it tightly.
4-4. Finish all the mounting kits one by one then you can have a secure installation for your Panel Mount product.