Daylight Readable LCD Monitor

iTech Company’s Daylight Readable Chassis Mount LCD Monitor are ideal for use in high ambient light conditions. The brightness levels range from 250nits to 3000nits, giving you enough options for an LCD monitor that you can deploy outdoors without being washed out in sunlight conditions. This type of LCD is ideal for a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial, marine, kiosks, and military applications.You can choose from various monitor sizes from 5.7” to 23.1” and widescreen dimensions W7 to W65 with resolutions ranging from 640x480 to 1920x1080.

This line of LCD displays is carefully engineered to come up withan enhanced sunlight readable monitor. It utilizes LED backlighting technology along with other innovative technologies to producesuperior quality of images, high contrast and a wide range of vivid colors. These are also rugged LCDs which are designed to ensure maximum protection under harsh environments and throughout different applications. It has either an IP65 or IP66 for protection against water, dust and other elements that may damage the device.

For ease of use and interactive applications, there’s an optional touch screen feature. The extended operational temperature allows these devices to operate effectively under extreme conditions that a typical monitor display can’t. It has also an enhanced vibration and shockresistance for rugged usage.

At iTech Company, we always ensure that our line of Chassis Mount LCD Monitor displays has the highest grade components and true industrial quality that not only delivers superiors image quality but also endures various harsh conditions.Contact us for more info of our products.