Panel PC (Touch LCD)

User-friendly touchscreen industrial PCs in multiple standard panel mounting options; high reliability and stability. Each product is highly integrated compact designed network ready computer and touch screen LCD for a more user friendly interaction.

Choose an Industrial Touch Panel PC for Your Business

Our industrial-strength LCD touch displays are built to last. We use all-metal, waterproof monitor enclosures to house every display screen. The screens provide a crystal-clear image in a casing that will hold up in any environment.

Our displays are designed to withstand damage in outdoor, marine, military, and industrial settings. Don't waste time and money replacing broken equipmentchoose a trusted, high-quality product that will last.

Browse Our Wide Selection of Products

Our user-friendly industrial touch panel computers are available in a wide range of sizes, levels of processing power, styles, and materials. Whether you're looking for sleek, stainless steel or a powder-coated metal finish, we have a model for you.

Choose from multiple panel mounting options. The mounting configurations allow for greater customization to fit your needs.

We also offer customizable CPU options. We retail CPUs from trusted manufacturers like Intel, Samsung, AMD, and VIA.

Browse our selection below to find the LCD display that fits your needs and budget.

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