10.4” OpenFrame Panel PC Plastic Front Bezel housed in Aluminum Enclosure with optional touchscreen (Model: UOPC1040)

10.4” OpenFrame Panel PC Plastic Front Bezel housed in Aluminum Enclosure with optional touchscreen (Model: UOPC1040)
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10.4” OpenFrame Panel PC Plastic Front Bezel housed in Aluminum Enclosure with optional touchscreen (Model: UOPC1040)

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  • Controlled Tooling, ensuring long product life
  • Plastic Front bezel with O-Ring sealing gaskets
  • Front Bezel Adheres to NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications
  • Bright LCD sizes include a 10.4”, 12.1”,15.0”,17.0”, and 19.0”
  • Optional Touch screen choices include Resistive, Capacitive, or Infrared (IR)
  • PC attaches to the back of unit.  Select from various computers
  • Two or Four Mounting Brackets
  • Easy Control OSD - Brightness, Contrast, Power with user lockout function
  • Contaminant resistant bezel with gasket
  • Auto video resolution resizing
  • The UOPC Series Open Frame series are ideal cost effective solutions for OEM’s and system integrators.  Perfect for Gaming applications, Kiosk applications, retail applications, Custom Industrial cabinet applications, Visual Applications, Medical applications, any project that requires a custom enclosure.

Product Overview

iTechLCD's Innovative line of UOPC Series Open Frame PC’s come standard with a sealed 10.4”, 12.1”, 15.0”, 17.0”, and 19.0” LCD screen. They provide a perfect solution for any industrial Open Frame application.

The lightweight aluminum enclosure and plastic bezel provide a thin transition to the mounting surface. The plastic bezel transitions smoothly from the screen opening in the enclosure to the Plexiglas or touch screen. The plastic bezel has a special O-ring gasket that prevents liquid, dust and contaminates from building up around the screen opening. Other panels use foam gaskets, which creates a shelf for contaminates to build up on the gasket.

Product Protection

The UOPC Series Open Frame PC is manufactured by iTechLCD Corporation. The design has been carefully thought out to ensure a long life product for our Customers. Tooling and fabrication is controlled in house. This protects our customers from random changes due to technology changes such as screen sizes, screen mounting, touch screen changes. The UOPC Series was designed to adapt to any change to various parts due to the short life cycle of standard components. The product you buy today will mount to the same mounting area in the future. This give great protection for service of the product and large rollouts that can take a few years to implement

Special Mounting

The UOPC Series Open Frame PC can easily be mounted to any Open Frame cabinet or surface using two or more mounting brackets. Custom brackets are available for retrofitting older product. Other mounting options include a standard 100mm X 100mm VESA mount mounting pattern. This is general used with industry standard arm mounting or wall mount brackets.

Front Panel Control

The Easy Control OSD (On Screen Display) keypad gives the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, power, and toggle from composite video to PC monitor mode with one key. Using the lock out mode all functions are locked out to the user, even power.

Touch Screen Options

Three types of touch screens are available, resistive touch, capacitive touch and infrared touch. The various touch screen technologies give the flexibility you need to have the most rugged touch screen for your environment.

Optional Outdoor LCD Screens

Options included various high bright outdoor LCD screens. Select from additional outdoor rated touch screens with AR coating, anti-heat reflective filming, and anti-reflective glare properties. Let our engineering department help you select the correct combination for your application.

Select From Various PC Options

The UOPC Series Open Frame PC gives you ability to select a detachable Computer that screws to the back of the Open Frame LCD monitor. This option provides the ability to upgrade your PC as technology changes without removing the UOPC Series from the enclosure panel. This feature provides a quick way to upgrade or repair a PC. 

Technical Specifications
Enclosure: Plastic Bezel with Sheet Metal Aluminum enclosure
Dimensions:  UOPC1040: 11.125" (H) x 13.250" (W) x 5.929" (D)
UOPC1200: 12.500" (H) x 14.875" (W) x 5.929" (D)
UOPC1500: 14.000" (H) x 17.000" (W) x 5.919" (D)
UOPC1700: 15.750" (H) x 18.500" (W) x 6.199" (D)
UOPC1900: 17.000" (H) x 20.000" (W) x 6.327" (D)
Resolution / NIT (call for high bright\outdoor options)
UOPC1040 - 10.0” LCD: SVGA - 800x600 - 250 NIT
UOPC1200 - 12.1” LCD: SVGA - 800x600 - 400 NIT
UOPC1500 - 15.0” LCD: XVGA - 1024x768 - 300 NIT
UOPC1700 - 17.0” LCD: SXGA - 1280x1024 - 300 NIT
UOPC1900 - 19.0” LCD: SXGA - 1280x1024 - 270 NIT
Non-OperatingTemperature: -20º to 60º C (all monitors)
Operating Temperature: 0º to 50º C (all monitors)
Operating Shock: 10g, 11ms, 1/2 sine
Operating Vibration: .41g, 3-500 Hz
Video Interface: DB15 VGA Female connector, Composite Video (NTSC, PAL, S-Video) interface
Touch Screen Interface: DB9 Serial Female or USB connector
Add On Computer: Plus PC Computer, 1.6GHz Atom, 4 USB, KB, MS, 2 RS-232, LPT1, Audio, Up to 2 GB RAM
Plus PC Computer, 1.6GHz Atom, 4 USB, Audio, Up to 2 GB RAM
Plus PC Computer, M Socket, 4 USB, KB, MS, 2 RS-232, LPT1, Audio, Up to 4GB RAM
Hard Drive: Standard 2.5” 80 GB SATA (call for higher capacity drives)
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Cable/Power: Each unit comes standard with External power supply with cable.
Mounting Brackets: Two or Four mounting brackets can be used to mount the unit to your enclosure. In addition, each unit has come standard with 100mm X100mm VESA mount on the back of the unit.

Made in the USA Other accessories are available upon request.
Specification subject to change without notice.